Use of photos

You are welcome to share photos found on PotSwinger provided that you link back to the website or the original article where possible. For excessive use of photos found on PotSwinger, please contact us by sending an email to potswinger [at] gmail [dot] com. The emails we receive to this email address are treated confidentially and are stored until we can provide a response to your query, or up to a maximum period of one year. We will never share your email address with any third parties.

To promote something else other than PotSwinger, you must request our permission beforehand. We do not allow our photos to be used as clip art/stock images unless we’ve negotiated compensation and licensing details.

Use of recipes

In general, we want PotSwinger to remain the exclusive and primary source for our recipes, therefore you may not republish the recipe(s) found on PotSwinger without our consent.

Thank you for your understanding.

This policy was last updated on 19/05/2018.