Making fresh homemade pasta might take some time, but it is definitely not complicated.

For any type of fresh pasta dough, the best flour is Italian 00 (double zero) flour, which is available at most supermarkets. About the quantities, you just need to remember to add 1 large egg per 100g of flour and that amount of pasta will generously feed two people. You don’t have to make fresh pasta for every pasta dish, but sometimes, just for fun, I would recommend playing with a nice piece of dough, especially if you have got kids around.

My personal favourite is tagliatelle, however, with this recipe, you can make any shape of your choice.

So let’s see how to do it.


  • 100g Italian 00 (double zero) flour
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 pinch of salt


Make a mound of flour with a pinch of salt on a worktop and add the egg to it. (No need to beat the egg.)

Mix the flour and the egg together, then knead the mixture until it comes together in a massy ball. From here, all you need to do is push the mixture away from you with the heels of your hands and then bring it back towards you with your fingers. Keep kneading until you get a smooth and silky ball, then cover it with a clean tea towel and leave it to rest for 20-30 minutes.

Get out your pasta machine (or use a regular rolling pin and a sharp knife to get some rustic hand-made pasta).

Roll the dough out a little bit before you feed the pasta machine with it. Push the dough through the machine quite a few times, fold the strip in half and push it through again each time. When you got the desired thickness (about 1mm), push it through the tagliatelle-cutters (or, as I mentioned above, use a sharp knife) to get about 10cm long and 10mm wide strips.

For cooking, use plenty of salted water, wait until the water comes back to boil and from that time you only need 3-4 minutes to cook your own hand-made pasta. Drain it and serve it with your favourite pasta sauce. Here is one of my favourite quick and easy recipe which goes very well with tagliatelle.

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