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On this part of the web, you can find a diary about my gastronomy obsession and about the long travel alongside it with loads of experimentation, laughter and failures. This food blog represents my real passion, a very important part of my life and I would like to leave this for the future, to my family and to my friends.

PotSwinger is about healthy recipes and quality home cooking that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are looking for cooking inspiration or just a guide on how to become more productive in the kitchen, I hope you can find the answer on these pages for all your foodie needs. Follow me for food inspiration, delicious recipes and enticing photos. Also, feel free to get in touch and let me know how well the recipes are working for you or if you just have something to say.

I would be happy if you could join me on this long trip. Please don’t be afraid of wasting food or money when you set out to try new recipes. All of my recipes are tested several times and they won’t let you down, I promise.